Maritime rubber stamp / Brownies distress at sea / nautical stamp size M (200205))


Includes 16% MwSt.
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First issued in 2014 in a slightly bigger version we are taking into account that for journaling purposes customers have been asking for smaller stamps… Here it is: as always 100% deeply etched red rubber, size 6,9 x 3,1 / 2,7″ x 1,2″.

The approximative size of this Brownie rubber stamp is 6,9 x 3,1 cm / 2,7″ x 1,2″ .

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Brownie rubber stamp made from deeply etched red rubber, measuring approx. 6,9 x 3,1 cm / 2,7″ x 1,2″ .

**Please note** that our basic style selection includes only the trimmed rubber stamp die with no cushion or mount, which is an ” unmounted ” rubber stamp. You can also choose to have your stamp already ” EZ-mounted ” ( = cling stamp ) in the style selection above. This will make the stamp “cling” to an acrylic block (not included!). You will basically only need one acrylic block for all your stamps. Just take one off and “cling” another one on.

We are offering different sizes of acrylic blocks. Please check which sizes your selected stamps have and then select the size of the block after your biggest stamp.

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