Smaller MAKIblock stamping block (this one has a TWIN) apple wood and acrylic layer size 60x60x30mm to use with EZ mounted rubber stamps = cling stamps (200000-13a)


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Unique stamping block size 60 x 60 x 30mm / 2,3″ x 2,3″ x 1,2″ for using our EZ-mounted stamps (= cling stamps). Each piece is individually hand-crafted and designed. For details please refer to pictures. This one is made from heavy oiled/ waxed locally sourced apple wood and has a “Twin” that you can find HERE (until it´s sold…). Twins are made from the exact same piece of wood. The connection is visible through characteristic markings in the wood. They match like two pieces of a puzzle. You can find our standard acrylic blocks (without wooden handle) HERE

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Unique stamping block sized 60 x 60 x 30 mm // 2,3″ x 2,3″ x 1,2″ to be used with EZ-mounted rubber stamps (=cling stamps). We cooperated with a local carpenter for this project. Each wooden block is smoothly polished and has soft side rims for perfect hold. The wooden handle is fitted with a 5mm acrylic plate to hold the EZ-mounted rubber stamp. We are offering different variations of wood either raw (without coating) or oiled/ waxed (please see each short description for individual details!). The finishing product we are using is environmental friendly, non-toxic and even safe for childrens toys.